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This is a collection of the many videos, recorded presentations and webinars I've presented over the years. If you missed one of my live lectures at conferences or IEEE Distinguished lectures, or invited workshops, this is your chance to catch them.

In 2013 and continuing into 2014 and the future, I managed the Front Range Signal Integrity Lecture Series. I invited experts from around the world to present on a topic of their choosing at an evening social event here in Longmont, CO. Recordings of this lecture series is also included in this course.

If you are looking for examples of how the essential principles are applied to real world problems, check out the many recordings in this course.


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Table of Contents
1. Section 10: Front Range Signal Integrity Lecture Series (10 hrs) 2. Section 20: No Myths Allows Webinars (10 hrs) 3. Section 30: In The Lab With Eric (10 hrs) 4. Section 40: Losses in Printed Circuit Boards () 5. Section 50: Rules of Thumb () 6. Section 60: Power Integrity ()