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Advanced Gigabit Channel Design
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This cource explores the four primary problems created by interconnect that will screw up signals operating in the 1 to 40 Gbps rate. 

Based on the root cause, we explore design, materials and technolgy solutions to reduce these probems to acceptable levels. 

Equally important, we also explore analysis techniques and tools to accurately predict the signal quality at the receiver so we can balance design tradeoffs.

If you have not already done so, please review the ESPI course before you start this course.

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Table of Contents
1. Section 1: Open your eyes with interconnect design (2 hours) 2. Section 2: Differential Pairs (1.5 hrs) 3. Section 3: Lossy Lines and Attenuation (2 hrs) 4. Section 4: Channel to Channel Differential Cross Talk (2 hrs) 5. Section 5: Mode Conversion (2 hrs) 6. Section 6: Discontinuities (2 hrs) 7. Section 7: Transparent via design (2 hrs) 8. Section 8: Jitter Analysis (1 hr) 9. Section 9: Supplemental Information () 10. Section 10 What you can do with SI Studio () 11. Section 12 Getting Started with SI Studio ()