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8 months ago
In my latest article in the May 2017 issue of IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine, my former student, Karthik Radhakrishna, and... READ MORE
9 months ago
When I was at DesignCon in January, 2017, I was interviewed by my friends at Sierra Circuits. This has become... READ MORE
10 months ago
In the recently released book Larry Smith and I wrote, Principles of Power Integrity- Simplified, we offered a spreadsheet to... READ MORE
10 months ago
The latest textbook I wrote with colleague Larry Smith, Principles of Power Integrity- Simplified, has just hit the streets. You... READ MORE
11 months ago
You’re an engineer if… You see a problem and your fingers itch to fix it. You see a finely working... READ MORE
1 year ago
I think a significant reason why some aspects of engineering are so confusing to many is because we get sloppy... READ MORE
1 year ago
I get this question all the time when we discuss dielectric loss in my classes. The common answer I get... READ MORE
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Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified, 2nd Edition
By Eric Bogatin

Published Jul 17, 2009 by Prentice Hall. Part of the Prentice Hall PTR Signal Integrity Library series.


Essential Principles of SI (EPSI)
The one SI class every engineer should take. Leverage the essential principles to find the root cause of signal integrity problems like reflections on transmission lines, ground bounce and cross talk and fix them at their source.


Advanced Gigabit Channel Design (AGCD)
Open your eyes by optimizing interconnect design and eliminate the pathological problems that will fail systems operating from 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps. Reduce losses, design transparent vias, eliminate mode conversion and tame cross talk.


S-Parameters for SI (SPSI)
Unlock the wealth of information locked inside S-parameter measurements or simulations. Master the analysis of S-parameters and never be intimidated by them again.


Video Recordings, Presentations and Webinars (VRPW)
A collection of presentations illustrating applications of the principles introduced in the core classes leveraging measurement, simulation and analysis tools.


Practical S-parameter Measurement and Analysis (PSMA)
Unlock the power of S-parameters in this hands-on class using measurement and analysis tools. All S-parameter files and analysis tools are provided for download.


High Speed Digital Design (HSDD)
These are the lectures from the graduate level signal Integrity class Dr. Eric Bogatin teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Lab exercises included!

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Learn signal integrity problem solving skills from the Signal Integrity Evangelist, Dr. Eric Bogatin.
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