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Practical S-parameter Measurement and Analysis
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Accelerate to the next level in your ability to use S-parameters to solve interconnect design and characterization problems. Learn how to quickly apply consistency tests to S-parameters from measurements and simulations to answer the important question, "are they resonable."

Use two powerful and free tools to display S-parameters in the time domain or frequency domain, as single-ended or as differential, and to analyze the information to extract useful figures of merit.

Learn good habits for unlocking the wealth of information locked inside S-parameters in this practical, hands-on class. 

All the S-parameter files and circuit files are provided for you to "play along at home."

Some of the lessons (with an "i" )   in the Table of Contents below are available for FREE preview.  After purchasing a Subscription (either Individual or Corporate) your Account will register the lessons you view and track your progress.
Table of Contents
1. Section 02: S-parameter Crash Course () 2. Section 03: S11 in the time and frequency domains () 3. Secion 04: Properties of Uniform Transmission Lines () 4. Section 05: Mixed Mode S-parameters () 5. Section 06: Mode Conversion () 6. Section 07: Cross Talk () 7. Section 08: Bringing it all together () 8. Section 09 Supplimental ()