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S-Parameters for SI
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S-Parameters have become the defacto standard to characterize the electrical properties of interconnects, yet 99% of engineers really have no clue what they mean.

This course will give you a jump start with the skills to see the hidden secrets locked within the S-parameter information. We strip away the complicated math to reveal the essential principles. We open the lid to the black box and explore how to datamine the wealth of information we will find within.

While traditionally, S-parameters are about how sine waves interact with an interconnect, we extend this basic formalism to include the time domain and both single-ended and differential interconnects and from measurements and simulations. 

We cover many consistency tests everyone should perform on all S-parameter data just as a double check on how reasonable the result is.

After this class, you will never again be intimidated by S-parameters and will be one of the 1%.

Some of the lessons (with an "i" )   in the Table of Contents below are available for FREE preview.  After purchasing a Subscription (either Individual or Corporate) your Account will register the lessons you view and track your progress.
Table of Contents
1. Section 1: S-parameters are in your future (2 hrs) 2. Section 2: Four common patterns in insertion and return loss (2 hrs) 3. Section 3: Data mining return loss (2 hrs) 4. Section 4: Characterizing Uniform Transmission Lines (2 hrs) 5. Section 5: Differential S-parameters (2 hrs) 6. Section 6: Mode Conversion (1.5 hrs) 7. Section 7: Cross Talk (2 hrs) 8. Section 8: Analysis of S-Parameter Model Quality ()