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Essential Principles of Signal Integrity
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Essential Principles of Signal Integrity is the introductory class that reveals the underlying truth of how interconnects affect signal integrity.  Designing a robust and cost effective product is not about blindly following a general set of design rules, rather it is about following a process that helps you apply your engineering intuition to balance cost and design tradeoffs specific to your product.

This class introduces and reviews the most essential principles of signal integrity, including principles of: transmission lines, reflections, inductance, ground bounce, differential pairs, losses, terminations, routing, discontinuties, impedance, PDN design and EMC.

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Table of Contents
1. The most important SI principles (2 hr) 2. Differential Pairs (2hr 15min) 3. Reflections and terminations (2hr) 4. Reflections and routing topologies (1hr 45min) 5. Ground bounce (2hr) 6. Signals changing return planes (2hr 30min) 7. Cross talk in uniform transmission lines (1hr 30min) 8. PDN design and EMC control (1hr 45min) 9. Supplimental Content for EPSI Class ()