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4 weeks ago
I get this question all the time from our Signal Integrity Academy subscribers. While I show the details in my... READ MORE
1 month ago
This year, I am presenting at four different, free events at DesignCon 2015. If you are in the area, be... READ MORE
2 months ago
Every engineer needs easy access to a SPICE simulator tool. As we first learn in college, SPICE is the workhorse... READ MORE
2 months ago
Non-functional pads (NFP) are pads on through-vias on layers with no connections. Historically they’ve been used to reduce barrel cracking... READ MORE
3 months ago
If you are a new visitor to the Signal Integrity Academy, you can view all the content with an “i”... READ MORE
3 months ago
On Dec 4, 2014, I had the opportunity to listen to Ken Wyatt’s presentation at the local Rocky Mountain chapter... READ MORE
3 months ago
(If you care about S-parameters, you should check out the S-parameters course at the Signal Integrity Academy) In this month’s... READ MORE