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I am tired of telling my new graduate students the same things over and over again, so I wrote up... READ MORE
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Last year, I was honored to receive the 2016 Engineer of the Year Award by UBM, the Organizers of DesignCon.... READ MORE
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2 months ago
I am pleased to announce we just posted a brand new course on the Signal Integrity Academy covering Power Integrity... READ MORE
Online video classes with Dr. Eric Bogatin.

SI Studio channel-eye analysis software now discounted for subscribers


Essential Principles of SI (EPSI)
The one SI class every engineer should take. Leverage the essential principles to find the root cause of signal integrity problems like reflections on transmission lines, ground bounce and cross talk and fix them at their source.


Advanced Gigabit Channel Design (AGCD)
Open your eyes by optimizing interconnect design and eliminate the pathological problems that will fail systems operating from 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps. Reduce losses, design transparent vias, eliminate mode conversion and tame cross talk.


S-Parameters for SI (SPSI)
Unlock the wealth of information locked inside S-parameter measurements or simulations. Master the analysis of S-parameters and never be intimidated by them again.


Video Recordings, Presentations and Webinars (VRPW)
A collection of presentations illustrating applications of the principles introduced in the core classes leveraging measurement, simulation and analysis tools.


Practical S-parameter Measurement and Analysis (PSMA)
Unlock the power of S-parameters in this hands-on class using measurement and analysis tools. All S-parameter files and analysis tools are provided for download.


High Speed Digital Design (HSDD)
These are the lectures from the graduate level signal Integrity class Dr. Eric Bogatin teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Lab exercises included!

Welcome to beTheSignal University

Learn signal integrity problem solving skills from the Signal Integrity Evangelist, Dr. Eric Bogatin.
Did you miss one of Eric’s popular live classes? At the Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy, you can explore all his past classes and many new ones, broken down into short, concise, video lessons.
Whether you are a beginning novice or an experienced engineer, these lessons will accelerate you up the learning curve and help you get to the right answer faster.  If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up now!